Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Love Giveaways!

I'm a HUGE fan of blog giveaways.  Reading blogs and entering giveaways has become my little hobby.  It's so funny to think that it's only been about a year and a half since I discovered this world, quite by accident.  My now almost 2 year old was having diaper rash problems, and I tried to do some research on natural remedies.  I came across a blog (that doesn't exist anymore) and found a giveaway for Earth Mama Angel Baby balm.  I decided to enter, even though I didn't understand what most of the entries were or what they meant.  Well, I won.  Enter my new addiction/hobby.  Since then I have been fortunate enough to win quite a few giveaways.  And I have learned a lot about unique products along the way.  It definitely shaped my Christmas shopping this year!  I love the fact that the things I gave away were never duplicates and that everyone would ask where I found the gifts we gave.  Pretty cool!  So I decided I was going to start a blog and do all of the great things that these bloggers I read were doing.  Except I learned that it's hard.  I mean really hard.  It takes so much time and dedication.  I simply don't have enough of either to do it well.  So, here I am playing with my little blog and making infrequent posts.  Maybe someday it will become more...we'll see.

One of the great perks of having my little blog is that I can share about other great blogs and/or giveaways that I have found.  Lately I have been really into Scentsy.  Well, I found a Scentsy giveaway at 365 Changes of Me!  This is a new blog to me, but I'm really excited to become a more frequent reader.  This Scentsy giveaway is for  $25 gift code!  That means that the winner can choose whatever they want as their prize!  I first learned about Scentsy this time last year when my mom asked for a warmer for her birthday.  I love that the one little warmer I gave her  can essentially fragrance her whole upstairs.  I picked one up for myself and keep it in my office.  I have a more subtle scent in there, since it's a small space.  Teachers, students and parents frequently compliment the lovely smell.  I love Scentsy!  I think anyone would.  There are tons of scent choices and warmer designs.  Go check them out and enter the giveaway!