Saturday, October 29, 2011


Round 1 of my green laundry was only a semi-success.  Note to self: there are different sizes of graters!  I needed to get my bar of soap grated into a much finer substance instead of looking like shredded cheese.  Oops!  Live and learn, right?  When I used this first batch I could see little bits of the bar soap floating around as the washer ran.  I went ahead and set it for a second rinse...just in case!  The laundry came out fresh & clean, so I was very happy with the recipe. 

The natural bar soap I purchased here was super soft, so I unwrapped the second bar to allow it to dry out and harden a bit before I make batch #2.  (Can I tell you hat this soap had an absolutely beautiful, herbal smell.  It's not strong enough to stick to the clothes, but still delightful!)

Going back to batch #1: Some changes were needed to make this the laundry soap I was wanting.  (Who wants to have to waste all that water running a second rinse every time?)   I allowed it a couple of days to dry the shredded soap particles to dry a bit.  Then I put it through my trusty Magic Bullet (one of the best inventions ever, IMHO.)  Out came the fine powdered detergent I was hoping for int he beginning.  It's running through my washer as we speak!

Next project: Homemade Automatic Dishwasher Detergent.  I found a recipe that I am going to try on DIY Natural.  Since I just made laundry detergent, I already have almost all of the ingredients on hand!  Now I just need to order some citric acid and pick up some kosher salt next time I'm at the grocery store.e   I'm not low on detergent yet, so this project may be on hold for a little while.  I am looking forward to it, though.

There's just something so great about knowing exactly what you are putting on your clothing and dishes, as well as what you are sending out into the environment.  Add huge savings to that, and it's an all around win!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Green Laundry!

So I tried something new today...I made my own laundry detergent!  Or at least I started the process.  I didn't want to use the Fels Naptha soap that so many use, because it isn't really as natural a product as I'd like.  I was going to use Dr. Bronner's, but it was $5 a bar, and really messed up the ability for my detergent to be all around green (saving me money as well as being natural and nontoxic.)  So, being an lover like I am, I shopped around and found what I hope will be a suitable alternative.

The recipe I am using comes from Tipnut.  I used recipe #9, but cut down the amount I was making.  Right now I have mixed 1.5 cups of Borax with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of washing soda.  When my soap arrives I will grate 1 bar down and throw it into the tub with the rest of the mix.

I'm not really a math person, but I have estimated that this recipe would end up costing less than 10 cents a load!   So it's easy to make, saves money and is natural and nontoxic.  I can't wait for my bar soap to come so I can give this stuff a try!  I will report back on how it goes!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A great 12 hours...

So, in the last 12 hours I won THREE giveaways!  The first was a tube of EnvyDerm mascara from Songberries blog last night.  Then this morning I woke up to two more winning emails!  This time I won a Candle Warmers Santa from Mommy Ramblings AND 2 Halloween DVD's from Half-Pint House Handouts.  Woo hoo!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Joy of Winning

So today was a crappy day.  Just one of those you wish hadn't even bothered to take place, because nothing positive happened at all.  That is, until my drive home.  As I was driving through the gray, rainy start of rush hour to pick up my boys, I tried to remind myself that their sweet faces would make up for all of the stresses & negatives of my day.  Then, at a stoplight (because I'm totally responsible,) I checked my email.  And there was a message from the wonderful Carol of Songberries blog emailing to let me know that I had won a tube of EnvyDerm Mascara!  And *poof* my day changed directions.  So, I am an addict.  I'm willing to admit it.  I am addicted to the great feeling I get from winning frivolous prizes that I may have never purchased for myself.  But it's a great addiction, right?  My winning "high" totally turned my day around!  Maybe it's very simple of me, but I don't care.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ahem...Testing 1, 2, 3.

So, after about a year of surfing the web to find mommy blogs with great recipes, fun posts and fantastic giveaways, I have finally decided to start my own blog.  It just seems natural, right?  I mean, blogs have become my little addiction.  I look forward to coming home, enjoying time with my family, then tucking the boys into bed so I can have a little "me" time.  And that's where the blogs come in.  I do enjoy reading about others' parenting experiences and finding great recipes to try.  But let's face it, the best parts of mommy blogs are the GIVEAWAYS!  I love them.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Seriously, what's better than entering contests that cost nothing, then sometimes winning and having prizes mailed right to your home?  For me it's like gambling without that yucky feeling of leaving the casino minus the cash that could have bought my kids the new (fill in the blank) that they wanted.  Even when you don't win, you don't lose anything!  So, here I am.  Starting my own blog.  What will I do with it?  Who knows.  But for now I intend to use it as a place to brag about all of my great winnings, and share great money-saving deals and recipes with the cyber world.  Will anyone read it?  I don't know.  But it will be fun to find out!