Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I love the fact that we live in a time where any little obscure thing I want is available, usually for a reasonable price, at the click of a button.  I have been particularly grateful since I have started to make my own household and body care products.  I can't imagine how much time it would take to locate some of these ingredients!  On top of that, I'm fairly confident that it would be much more expensive in stores.  The downside is the wait...I am not the most patient person when I am excited about something.  I placed an order on Tuesday from a new find of mine, Lucky Vitamin.  (This place has a great selection and awesome prices!)  Every day I'm checking my mailbox, even though I know my order was just shipped on Saturday.  But I'm so excited!  I'm planning to make bath bombs with G for his and little M's Valentines.  (An amazing pinterest idea!)  And I'm also planning to make a jasmine vanilla shea butter body lotion to give to my mom and the boys' teachers as V-Day gifts.  I will be posting the recipe, if all goes according to plan.  :)  Now I just have to wait for these last couple of ingredients... 


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